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Cerebro from Helium 10

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Cerebro is a useful tool for doing effective keyword research, how to use it and what is the importance of research for my product listing performance?

Infographic showcasing the Helium 10 Cerebro tool for keyword research and analysis on Amazon

Essential before the product launch!

Cerebro is an excellent tool from Helium 10 that is used to simplify keyword research for Amazon sellers. It offers a variety of features, with certainly a dozen filters to find the appropriate keywords.

The main advantage of Cerebro is its ability to collect and analyze keyword data in real-time. It provides an overview of search volume, competition, relevance, and more. This way, sellers can quickly and easily identify relevant keywords to increase their own visibility and sales.

With Cerebro, you also have the possibility to identify the most important niche keywords:

  1. Search on Amazon for the keyword that best describes your product/niche.

  2. Launch X-Ray from Helium10

  3. Select your top 4-8 competitors on the left side. (Lots of sales, lots of reviews...)

  4. Click on "Run Cerebro"

  5. Once in Cerebro, there are tons of ways to find out which keywords your competitors are ranking for and which of them are the most relevant.

  6. Meanwhile, Helium10 has simplified the whole thing - users can now click on the quick selection "Top Keywords" and "Opportunity Keywords." -> Top Keywords should definitely be included (appropriately) in the title, keywords, and bullet points. Opportunity keywords usually have lower search volume, it makes sense to include them in the backend, the product description, etc...

  7. Otherwise, there is no golden formula, every marketplace and niche is different, try it yourself, or let a professional help you.

A valuable feature of Cerebro is the ability to group and categorize keywords. Users can sort their keywords by relevance, search volume, and competition to get a better overview. This way, users can better plan and optimize their keyword strategy.

Overall, Cerebro is an indispensable tool for any Amazon seller who wants to improve their visibility and sales in the marketplace. It offers a wealth of features that allow sellers to conduct successful keyword research quickly and efficiently.

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