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Your goods were damaged or lost in the Amazon warehouse? The guide for automatic refunds!

We will show you how to automatically scan if any goods of yours have been damaged or lost in the Amazon warehouse. In addition, you will get step-by-step instructions on how to request a refund from Amazon.

Cover image from the blog post on how to request refunds from Amazon when merchandise is damaged.

If you are an Amazon seller, you probably already know that sometimes products can get lost or damaged during the storage or shipping process. In this case, you are always entitled to request a refund from Amazon. Some items are automatically refunded, and some are not... I have sold on Amazon myself for several years and believe me, without software use, you are missing out on hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Manually going through and filtering Amazon reports is a pain, but that's where Refund Genie by Helium 10 comes in.

Refund Genie Illustration - Helium 10 Software

Refund Genie is a tool from Helium 10 that automates the process of reading and filtering. With this tool, you can easily determine whether you are entitled to a refund or not with just one click. Here are the instructions to get the refunds you are entitled to as an Amazon seller:

Step 1: Signup for Helium 10

The first step is to create a Helium 10 account and book a plan. If you haven't booked a plan yet, you're missing something in your Amazon Business.

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After you have booked your plan, you will need to click on your profile in the top right corner and click on "Connections".

Step 1 of how to use Refund genie from Helium 10

Once there, connect your Amazon token to your Helium 10 account. After this step is complete, your Helium 10 account will be able to access your Amazon data.

Schritt 2: Navigate to the Refund Genie tool

Once in the Helium 10 Dashboard, click on "Tools" and then "Refund Genie" at the bottom right.

Step 2 on how to use refund genie from helium 10

Schritt 3: Activate Refund Genie

Before you can get started with Refund Genie, you must first authorize Helium 10 to go through your Amazon seller account reports.

Step 4: Let Refund Genie work its magic

After you activate the tool, it will take 1-3 days before you receive the first report.

Step 5: Review your refund cases

Refund Genie will now show you a list of all the cases it has identified. You can review these cases and decide which ones you can claim.

Step 6: Apply for your refunds

Once you have found a case for which you would like to request a refund, click "Download". Refund Genie will then automatically generate a report and step-by-step instructions on how to submit the case to Amazon.

Step 7: Step-by-step instructions

After downloading your refund report, you will find in the folder, a list made by Helium 10, which explains exactly what steps you need to take and what file you need to send to Amazon's support team to get a refund.


Product loss or damage is an unfortunate reality that every Amazon seller knows. With tools like Refund Genie, you can make sure you get exactly the refunds you deserve. This tool is really easy to use and can save you a lot of time, effort, and most importantly cash by semi-automating the refund process. By integrating Refund Genie into your Amazon business, you can maximize your profits and ensure that you don't get taken advantage of by Amazon.

Affiliate Disclosure: Helium 10 affiliate links are used on this website. As of Helium 10, we earn from qualifying purchases. This means that we may receive a commission when you make a purchase using our codes, or through our links. However, this does not affect the price you pay, and we only recommend products that we have used and trust ourselves. The information on this website is provided "as is", without any warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of the information.

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