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How important is Helium 10 for Amazon Sellers?

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

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"For "big" Amazon companies, specialized software deployment is inevitable unless they want to be left behind."

Statement - Tom Tübler - Amazon Agency owner

If you want to succeed as an Amazon seller, there are a variety of tools and software solutions that can help you do so. One of them is Helium 10, a comprehensive suite of tools just for Amazon sellers. But is Helium 10 really the right tool for you?

First of all, it's important to understand what Helium 10 even is and how it works. Helium 10 is a collection of more than 10 different tools, all of which target different aspects of Amazon selling. These include for example, tools to optimize the placement of your products, monitor competitors, improve customer ratings, and generate keywords.

One of the main selling points of Helium 10 is that it helps sellers better market their products and thus increase their sales. However, there are also some disadvantages that should be noted. First of all, Helium 10 is relatively expensive compared to other Amazon seller tools. (Depending on the subscription, at least 80€ monthly) Some of the tools are complex and require some training time and sometimes years of experience to use them effectively.

The Helium 10 tools

1. Magnet – The Powerful Keyword Research Tool

Magnet is the most comprehensive keyword research tool on the market. With Magnet, you can find the most relevant and potent keywords for your products. By inputting a main keyword, Magnet can generate thousands of related keywords to help you optimize your product listings and boost the visibility of your products on Amazon.

2. Cerebro – The Competitive Analysis Tool

Cerebro is a powerful tool that helps you understand your competitors' strategies. With Cerebro, you can identify the exact keywords your competitors are using to achieve high rankings. This allows you to adjust your own keyword strategy and compete more effectively against your competitors.

3. Keyword Tracker – Your Optimization Companion

With Helium 10's Keyword Tracker, you can monitor the performance of your keywords and track changes in keyword rankings over time. This tool also provides a notification feature that alerts you instantly when your keyword rankings change significantly.

4. Follow-Up - Automated Review Requests

Helium 10 offers an automated review request feature that allows you to send Amazon-compliant email requests to your customers. This can help increase the number of positive reviews for your products, thereby boosting future customers' trust in your products.

5. Black Box – The Product Discovery Tool

Black Box helps you uncover potential product opportunities in different Amazon marketplaces. By inputting specific criteria such as monthly sales, price, review count, and more, Black Box can reveal hundreds of products that match your search parameters. This tool can save you a lot of time when conducting product research.

6. Trendster – Market Trend Analysis

Trendster allows you to analyze product trends over time, helping you make informed decisions about the best time to sell a particular product. You can assess whether a product is trending upward, steady, or on the decline. This tool can be especially useful for seasonal items and trending products.

7. Xray – Amazon Product Research

Part of the Helium 10 Chrome extension, Xray gives you an in-depth market overview directly on Amazon's website. This tool provides information about a product's potential, including monthly sales estimates, profit projections, competition level, and more. X-ray is a handy tool for quick and thorough product research.

8. Scribbles – Listing Optimization Tool

Scribbles ensures that your product listings are fully optimized. It allows you to add the best keywords to your product title, bullet points, and description, ensuring that none of the valuable keywords are missing from your listing. It's an excellent tool for maximizing the visibility of your product listings on Amazon.

9. Inventory Protector – Safeguard Your Stock

Inventory Protector gives you control over your inventory levels by preventing customers from purchasing too many of your products during a promotion. This tool can help you avoid stockouts and maintain steady inventory levels.

10. Profits – Financial Analytics Dashboard

Profits provide you with a detailed breakdown of your Amazon sales. It includes data on your net profit, ROI, promotional rebates, and other crucial financial metrics. This tool can help you make informed decisions about pricing, advertising, and other aspects of your business.

11. Alerts – Protection Against Listing Hijacks

Alerts constantly monitor your listings and notify you if there are any changes. Whether someone changes your product images or a hijacker tries to take over your listing, Alerts can help you stay on top of these issues.

For more information on each of Helium 10's tools, click here.

Personal conclusion

I am now a Helium 10 partner with my company, so, of course, this conclusion is subjective.

I have been using Helium for many years, in the beginning, I was skeptical about its necessity. Now I am sure, that a company with 5+ products and a moderate four-five digit monthly turnover should use at least Platinum of Helium 10, just because of Follow-Up and Keyword Tracker.

So yes, Helium 10 is absolutely necessary for businesses and entrepreneurs who are serious about selling on Amazon.

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