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What makes good Amazon product images?

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Good product images are among the most important elements for a product's success on Amazon. Images give customers the opportunity to get an impression of the product, how it looks and works, how it might feel, and what emotions it brings.

illustration of how an good amazon product picture will look

The basics for Amazon product listing images

  1. High resolution: The image should have a high resolution. (at least 500x500 pixels) because it should be clear and sharp on different screens.

  2. White background: The background of the image should be white so that the product is the focus and stands out well from the background.

  3. Realistic: The product should be shown as it looks in reality. Do not use heavily edited images or filters that make the product look different than it is.

  4. Multiple perspectives: it is essential to have multiple images of the product from a wide variety of perspectives, this way the customer can view the product from all sides.

  5. Well-lit: The image should be well-lit so that all the details can be seen.

  6. Size comparison: If the product is relatively small, you should show a size comparison to show how the product looks.



Amazon product listing image 1

Product photo 1: The Hero Image, frontal, large, centered.

The Hero Image is the most important image of all. Try several Hero Images and see how it affects sales.

Pro tip: Even small products should fill the entire image, so it looks bigger in direct comparison to similar products.

Amazon product listing image 2

Product photo 2:

Your product next to the sales packaging, customers appreciate noble, modern, old-fashioned, or environmentally-conscious packaging.

Amazon product listing image 3

Product photo 3:

Photo of the product and an additional infographic, maybe the USP, maybe a special feature.

Amazon product listing image 4

Product photos 4&5: Emotions!

Show your product in action!

Amazon product listing image 5

Product photos with real people and emotions, give your customers the feeling that your product is something special even before they buy.

Amazon product listing image 6

Product photo 6:

An illustration comparison shows potential customers the unique selling points of your product and the advantages over the competition.

Caution: Never use competitors' product images or brand names for comparisons, this may result in legal consequences!

Amazon product listing image 7

Product photo 7: Use the space to promote other similar products or highlight the quality of your brand again.

I created the images a few years ago together with an Amazon product photo agency.

Emotions in product images

In the world of e-commerce, emotions play a crucial role. They help to establish a deeper connection between the product and the customer. And this is exactly where product images come into play. High-quality and engaging images can evoke emotions by creating an atmosphere or telling a story. Think of a cozy picture of someone holding a cup of your tea on a snowy windowsill - it evokes the feeling of warmth and coziness that your product promises. Try to use images that evoke such positive emotions, and you'll notice that your customers feel more attracted to your products.

Highlighting your Unique-Selling-Points

Your product certainly has unique selling points (USPs) - special features or benefits that set it apart from the competition. It's important to highlight these USPs in your product images. For example, if your product is particularly eco-friendly, you could use images that show the product in a natural environment or highlight its sustainable features. If it's particularly durable or robust, show the product in action, under conditions that emphasize its strength and durability. By visually highlighting your USPs, you can help customers recognize the benefits of your product at a glance.

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