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5 factors for a solid Amazon product listing

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Learn how to optimally set up your Amazon product listing to gain more visibility and sales.

Illustration demonstrating an optimized Amazon product listing with clear images, title, and bullet points

The 5 most important factors for Amazon product listing

A meaningful title: The title is the first impression a customer and also Amazon gets of your product, so it should be clear and concise and contain the most important features of your product. Avoid putting irrelevant keywords in the title, as this can make the title unreadable and give Amazon the wrong signals.

High-quality product images: Customers want to see exactly the product they are buying, so your product images should be of high quality and show as much detail as possible. Always use the highest number of images possible to show the product from different angles and in different scenarios. Product photos from specialized agencies are best.

A detailed product description/A+ content: your product description should include all the important information about the product, including materials, sizes, colors, and features. Don't forget to include keywords, highlight the benefits of the product, and describe how it can be useful for the customer.

Customer reviews and ratings: Customer reviews and ratings are an important resource for potential buyers, as they give them an idea of how the product works in real life. It's best to use Helium10's Follow-Up Tool, this automates the Amazon-compliant review request.

Use the right keywords: In order for your product to be found by potential buyers, it is important to use the right keywords in your listing. Research which keywords are commonly used by customers and use them in your title, product description, and bullet points. Make sure you incorporate the keywords naturally into the text and don't overuse them, as Amazon may consider this "spamming".


In conclusion, a combination of these factors determines the success of your Amazon product listing. It's about finding a balance between high-quality product images, meaningful titles, thoughtful product descriptions, effective use of customer reviews, and proper use of keywords. All of this requires time, effort, and expert knowledge. If you're unsure about listing your product on Amazon, it's advisable to consult with an Amazon expert. They have the experience and knowledge to assist you in creating an optimized and effective product listing that attracts potential customers and highlights your product.

Ultimately, the goal of a good Amazon product listing is to convince customers that your product meets their needs and provides them with added value. The factors mentioned above are the basis for this. Keep these in mind when creating your Amazon product listing, and you're well on your way to achieving success in the marketplace.

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