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The 11 best Amazon Softwares in 2023 - which are the best Amazon tools for sellers?

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Today's Amazon sellers have to consider many factors, from product discovery and keyword research to inventory management and PPC optimization. Fortunately, to maximize success on Amazon, there are numerous software tools and solutions that can make this process easier. Every Amazon seller should consider these 11 Amazon seller tools.

Die 11 besten Analyse-Tools für Amazon Verkäufer, einschließlich Helium 10. Titelbild eines Blogbeitrags darüber, welche Tools Sie für Ihr Amazon FBA-Geschäft brauchen, um Ihre Performance zu verbessern und Ihren Erfolg zu maximieren

Amazon provides sellers with a unique opportunity to showcase their products to a global audience, and it is undoubtedly the largest online marketplace in the world - here are the top 11 Amazon tools for sellers:

1. Helium 10

Helium 10 Amazon Software Logo

Helium 10 is the most comprehensive Amazon software tool you can currently use to improve your Amazon business. Helium 10 covers all facets of Amazon selling, from keyword research and competitive analysis to inventory management and product listing optimization.

The software includes a full set of 18 different tools, and even those usually have different "under" tools. Helium is one of the few companies that constantly develops new products/tools and takes into account the voices of customers & Amazon sellers.

Focus: All-in-one-tool


Free version ✅

Starter: 29 USD monthly ➡ for small Amazon sellers.

Platinum: 79 USD monthly ➡ from 5000€ monthly sales.

Diamond: 229 USD monthly ➡ for anyone who is serious about selling on Amazon.

Helium 10 Coupon Codes

TUEBLER10: 10% off forever.

TUEBLER6M20: 20% off for 6 months.

2. JoungleScout

JoungleScout Amazon Software Logo

JungleScout is another comprehensive tool, perfect for product search and sales forecasting. Sellers can use JungleScout Chrome add on to quickly analyze the sales figures and income of potential products. Helium 10 and JoungleScout are the clear market leaders and rivals. JoungleScout has improved massively over the years, and there are definitely individual cases, where JoungleScout makes more sense for a seller than Helium 10.

Focus: all-in-one tool


Free version ❌

Basic: 24€/month ➡ for small Amazon sellers.

Suite: 41€/month ➡ for companies with up to 150 products

Professional: 67€/month ➡ for anyone who is serious about selling on Amazon.

3. Arthy

Arthy Amazon Software Logo

Arthy is the first Amazon software that tells you where you can save money and automatically maximizes your profits. For Amazon companies with over 50-100k annual revenue, Arthy is a must-have!

Arthy analyzes, optimizes, monitors, and scales your Amazon data. For higher profit margins, more time for you as a business owner/s and better overall results. Arthy is one of the newer tools, an innovative Amazon Assistant, and has the best potential to become the perfect complement to Helium 10 and Jounglescout.

Focus: Financials & Automation


30-day free demo ✅

Arthy's pricing is based on your annual revenue and potential savings. There are no packages like other software have.

4. Adference

Adference Amazon Software Logo

Adference is an excellent advanced Amazon PPC tool. It allows users to easily analyze, manage and optimize their Amazon campaigns. Your advertising can be maximized in terms of effectiveness and efficiency with Adference. A tool to cut costs, maximize sales and use advertising budgets more effectively, to get better results. Certainly one of the more pricy tools, yet it has applicability for businesses of all sizes.

Focus: PPC Management


Free version ❌

Starter: 229€/month

Basic: 349/month

Growth: 569€/month

Professional: 1,149€/month

Enterprise: 1.699€/month

5. Seller App

SellerApp Amazon Software Logo

SellerApp offers a number of features that will help you improve your Amazon sales results. The comprehensive analytics and price optimization options are particularly noteworthy. With SellerApp you can also effectively manage inventory and get insights into profitable keywords for your Amazon SEO optimizations. In addition, the tool includes monitoring and analysis of your advertising campaigns to optimize the profitability of your ads and increase the overall success of your Amazon business.

Focus: all-in-one tool


Freemium: 0 USD/month

Pro Lite: 39 USD/month

Professional: 49 USD/month

6. Viral Launch

Viral Launch Amazon Software Logo

Viral Launch is a powerful tool for market research and product discovery. It also offers comprehensive keyword research features and helps optimize your product listings. Viral Launch also offers competitor tracking, data analysis, and market trends features. E-mail campaigns are also possible with this tool.

Focus: All-in-one tool


Free Trial ✅

Essentials: 83USD/month ➡ Basic product research and tracking.

Pro: 83USD/month ➡ Optimizations and Analyses

Pro Plus Ads: 166USD/month ➡ Essential & Pro + Ad Management

7. AMZScout

AMZScout Amazon Software Logo

AMZScout is a great tool to find products and study the market. It provides competitive analysis, sales figures, and seasonal trends. AMZScout, like the others, is an all-in-one tool, however, in our opinion, the focus here is on the analytics and on the Chrome Extension.

Focus: all-in-one tool / analytics


Free Trial ✅

Per Extension: 259,99 USD/year

Sellers Bundle For Amazon: 397.99 USD/year

8. Cashcowpro

Cashcowpro Schriftzug Amazon Software

Cashcowpro is a tool for Amazon sellers that helps maximize the sales and profitability of their products. It offers features such as inventory management, keyword research, conversion optimization, and performance analytics to increase success on Amazon. With CashCowPro, sellers can manage their products more effectively, identify revenue potential and make informed decisions to grow their business.

Focus: all-in-one tool & data & analytics.


10-day trial period ✅


9. Repricer

Repricer Amazon Software Logo

Repricer is a tool for Amazon sellers that automatically adjusts the prices of their products to best qualify for the BuyBox. It continuously monitors competitor prices and optimizes your pricing strategy to generate more sales and higher profits. Especially suitable for B2B companies that are in constant price battles with other companies.

Focus: BuyBox


Freemium: 0USD/month

Pro Lite: 39USD/month

Professional: 49USD/month

10. Keepa

Keepa Amazon Software Logo

Keepa is an important tool for every Amazon seller. It offers features for monitoring price fluctuations and deals, as well as detailed price history charts.

Focus: Analytics & Deals


Keepa is free, but there is a premium version for 9.99 USD monthly.

11. Sonar

Sonar Amazon Software Logo

Sonar by Sellics is a free keyword research tool that helps you find and optimize relevant keywords for your product listings.

Focus: Keywords


All tools have different uses, strengths, and weaknesses, for the everyday Amazon seller, I would recommend a combination of Helium10 or JoungleScout + Arthy. With this, almost all the necessary tools are covered. However, the other tools can also greatly simplify processes and make them more efficient. Remember that the key to optimizing your Amazon business is how you use these Amazon seller tools. Except for Arthy, each tool requires some knowledge and self-effort. Each of these tools has its strengths and weaknesses. So depending on your situation and business, make your decision, about which is the perfect solution for you, depending on your unique needs.

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