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The basics of selling on Amazon

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

To sell successfully on Amazon, there are some basics that need to be considered. These will be explained in this article.

Workspace with notepad, pens, ruler, and laptop for planning a successful Amazon business

Amazon is one of the largest online sales platforms in the world and offers companies the opportunity to offer their products to a broad customer base.

So what is needed for a solid sales foundation?

Plan thoroughly

It starts with the costs, just under 40€ per month costs a professional Amazon seller account. In addition, there are 15% sales fees that Amazon charges per item sold. Shipping costs, product costs, advertising costs... you need to have at least 20-30% margin depending on the product.

The first "product step" is to make sure that your products are listed in the right category. Only so they are found by the right customers. This also includes that the product is assigned to the right subcategory.

Another important step is to optimize your product listings. Create a meaningful and appealing product description, as well as attractive and meaningful product images and infographics that show the product from all important sides and angles. It is also important to include all the important product details like size, weight, and materials in the listing.

Good product reviews are an important factor when selling on Amazon.

- 5 stars should not be your goal, studies have shown that most people prefer 4.5 stars when buying.

Positive reviews can help build potential customers' trust in your product and brand and increase the likelihood of a purchase. One way to get positive reviews is by using Helium 10.

Another important factor is the use of Amazon advertising campaigns to make your products visible for special keywords and introduce them to a larger audience. This can help increase visibility and attract new customers to your listings.

Inventory Planning and Navigating Amazon Platforms

Being successful on Amazon involves more than just an excellent product listing; it also requires efficient inventory planning. If you have too much inventory, you may be burdened with storage fees. If you have too little, you risk running out of stock and having your listings deactivated, which can negatively impact your sales rank. Therefore, it's important to take into account your sales forecasts, manufacturing times, and Amazon's delivery times to achieve efficient inventory planning.

Regarding navigating Amazon platforms, Amazon provides different platforms for different functions.

  • Seller Central is your main dashboard for selling on Amazon. Here, you manage your product listings, track your orders, and monitor your performance.

  • Brand Registry is a separate platform for brand owners. Here, you can register your brand and gain access to special tools like brand protection, advanced reporting, and enhanced product descriptions.

  • Amazon Advertising is another key platform where you create and manage your advertising campaigns on Amazon. You can create different types of ads, including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Product Display Ads.

Understanding and navigating these different platforms can be overwhelming at first. But with practice and perseverance, you'll be able to use them effectively to maximize your selling success on Amazon.

Extra Tip:

Let your products "take off" from the beginning, do keyword research, and use PPC campaigns, especially in the beginning! Signal to Amazon that you are serious about selling and consider the work of professionals, an investment that (almost) always pays off!

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